Town planners play a crucial role in managing the development process across towns, suburbs, and rural places. Professional town planning services ensure that the land usage and development proposals meet local and state policies. According to the assessment, they prepare your planning permit application for council lodgement.

Highly experienced town planners will guide the development process through a lot of aspects such as policy assessments and contributions towards policy writing. They collaborate with other professionals such as surveyors, engineers, local communities, and stakeholders to develop a successful planning process. Reliable town planning specialists work as private town planning consultants to provide you with proper guidance right from the beginning of the project.

They ensure that the land properly functions as economic, social, and environmentally friendly spaces. Top town planning expert support provides customised services; such as policy assessment, policy writing, and preparing planning permit applications. Their services also include managing traffic engineers, arborists, designers, architects, and land development consultants. They work with all the parties involved and ensure that your proposal has the best possible chance of success.

Here are a few things that top town planning experts do.

  • Research current needs and issues of the community
  • Stay updated on national and local building ordinances and codes
  • Write development proposal reports
  • Discuss proposals with local council members
  • Gather all relevant paperwork for project application
  • Schedule meetings with development professionals
  • Develop strategies and prioritise current urban issues
  • Stay updated on the changes in the industry and network with other planners
  • Negotiate with local council members to gain approval for the development proposal
  • Prepare a detailed plan for rural development projects
  • Gather evidence for council appeals

Why are Town Planners Important?

Professional town planners possess a wide variety of skills such as strategic thinking, written and verbal communication, organisation, leadership, project management, critical thinking, innovation, etc. Town planners have extensive experience and wisdom that become essential when the project hits any obstacles. They engage in all development phases and are qualified to give professional advice to lead the project to success. Here are some of the major reasons whyprofessional town planning service providers are important –

  • Connections in the local and national council: Town planners have healthy relationships with council members with which they can effectively collaborate and negotiate to achieve the approval of the development proposal.
  • Knowledge of the application process: They are familiar with each and every detail and have all the skills required for a successful proposal for council review. This knowledge is crucial for the success of the project as it ensures that the project is submitted correctly and on time.
  • Ability to notice potential problems: Town planners possess the expertise to not only notice the areas of weakness but also generate actionable solutions in the early stages of planning. This skill is necessary to solve any problem quickly and effectively.
  • Knowledge of local planning requirements: While reviewing the development proposal town planners implement the local planning requirements to raise the standard of your application.

How to Obtain a Town Planning Permit?

If you are planning to build a development or change the use of a site, you will require a town planning permit. Town planning permit ensures that the development projects abide by the relevant local and state policies, local council zoning and overlay restrictions. Here are the steps to obtain a town planning permit –

  • Submit your application – Once you submit the town planning application, the town planning department of the local council will evaluate your proposal against the council’s planning scheme.
  • Evaluation of the proposal – The planning scheme is the outline of the objectives, strategies, and requirements of the state policies. It also includes the suitable and prohibited uses of your site and the applicable overlay restrictions. The planning scheme will consider factors such as traffic noise, parking requirements, privacy, and environmental implications of your project.
  • Approval process – The ultimate objective of the council is to ensure that your development is suitable for the proposed site. The local government can take up to 60 working days to make a decision on your planning application. If the council requires any extra information, then the process will be further extended. Variables such as referrals, consultants, and council meetings might extend the duration.

The approval process might be delayed due to a lot of reasons which might be out of your control such as-

  • Purpose and the complexity of your project
  • Efficiency of the council
  • Any objections from third-party authorities, neighbours, or council meetings
  • Hearing of your application in the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal
  • Obtain a building permit – Once you receive the planning permit, the next step will be applying for a building permit to begin the construction process of development.

Obtaining a town planning permit is a necessary step in the development process of this project. This process may seem complex, but with the help of a reputed company, you can navigate it smoothly. Experts will expedite your application through professional advice and guidance based on our industry experiences. Moreover, the town planning specialists will assist you right from the pre-application stage and will help you prepare as much relevant documentation as possible to make the process smoother for you.

ASAC Property Groups is a reliable town planning specialist that contributes to the development of towns and cities in Melbourne Australia. Our team has the required knowledge and experience in city planning and development industries. We work in tandem with other professionals such as architects, engineers, and environmentalists.

After we submit the application, we retain close contact with the council to quickly respond to any queries and update you on the project’s status. This will significantly reduce your processing time and allow you to focus on more important things. Call us on 0421 646 880 or email us at to know more about the new town planning group.