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Affordable House and Land Packages in Truganina

Owning your dream home doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or costly affair. At Asac Property Group, we offer a practical solution with our affordable house and land packages in prime Truganina locations. When it comes to delivering quality houses and well-situated land, we strive for excellence.

We make the dream of homeownership a reality with a seamless process that saves both time and money. Our team reduces paperwork hassles and helps you access government grants. These professionals further recommended home designs that best suit your family’s needs.

Our properties are strategically located to provide everything you need within reach. In the community surrounding our Truganina properties, you’ll find a fast-growing environment with ample family-friendly activities. Easy connectivity to nearby suburbs enhances the overall convenience of our land packages.

Reason for Hiring a Custom Home Builder

Building a house is more than assembling bricks and mortar. It has enormous personal significance and represents the fulfilment of dreams. At Asac Property Group, we understand your emotions and strive to create beautiful homes. Our custom home builders take time to understand your goals and objectives with meticulous attention to detail. Here are a few reasons our clients hire us to build their custom homes:

  1. Complete Custom Options: With us, you get plenty of options for designing and constructing your dream home. You can choose and customise your home to fit your requirements and needs.
  2. Experience and Expertise: Our home builders have extensive experience and expertise in custom home construction. These professionals have experience and an extensive portfolio of completed projects efficiently. The builders can handle varied architectural styles or design elements you choose for your home.
  3. Sound investment: Our custom homes are valuable investments and promise high returns in the long run.
  4. Streamlined Project Management: Our builders manage the entire construction and coordinate with architects, engineers, and subcontractors. These professionals handle timelines and budgets, allowing you to focus on others.
  5. Energy Efficiency: We focus on building your custom home more energy-efficient and sustainable. These initiatives help reduce your monthly energy consumption while keeping your home comfortable.
  6. Budget Friendly: Our custom builders provide better control over costs. We offer transparency in budgeting and preventing unexpected expenses.

Specialist Town Planning and Renovations Team in Truganina

Town planning involves strategically organising urban areas, focusing on zoning, infrastructure development, and green spaces. Whereas, renovation services are to revitalise existing structures and blend creativity with technical expertise. At Asac Property Group, our planning and renovation consultants in Truganina can assist you with your planning goals. We have vast experience working with the Truganina City Council on housing projects. Our expertise includes house extensions, high-rise residential towers, and so on.

These professionals know all about local overlays, zoning restrictions and council residential policies. Their expertise in the field simplifies obtaining permits and building homes. Our town planning process clearly defines the project’s scope, ensuring timely and budget-friendly construction. Along with planning services, we handle public notification as well. The notification tasks comply with the local regulations and manage all the steps of the notification process.

We follow the steps for planning and renovating the area:

  1. Design and Drafting: Our team works on the house design, from concept formulation to obtaining the building permit. We offer services like creating concept designs to land surveys for electrical plans.
  2. Preliminary Process: We offer an early property assessment to organise pre-applications and other formalities
  3. Permit Application: Our team works with you to prepare documentation for submission to the Council.
  4. Project coordination: We prepare sites for construction and supervise specialist reports. The detailed report includes engineering and traffic capacities and obstacles.

Why Choose Us

Asac Property Group is a trusted building solutions group in Truganina for house and land packages. Our team consists of professionals with local regulatory requirements. With us, you have the freedom to buy land in your preferred location and select a house design that suits your taste.

Here are a few reasons we are the premier building solutions group:

  1. Experienced Professionals: Our team consists of experienced professionals who can oversee every aspect of the project
  2. Quality Workmanship: We offer a high standard of workmanship throughout the building projects
  3. Trusted Trades: Having worked with many subcontractors for numerous years, we have built trust in their work.
  4. Fully licensed and registered: Our team has a regulatory licence and association memberships (HIA) are all in order, thus ensuring full accountability.
  5. Fixed Price Contracts: Our quotes are fully transparent and there are never any hidden charges

As one of top custom home builders, we prioritise communication. Our client portal allows you to track daily progress and monitor the budget, keeping you informed every step of the way. Contact us for your next town planning project in Truganina suburbs. We are available on 0421 646 880 or at