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Tarneit has been designed well with many parks and schools, making it a popular choice for young families. At Asac Property Group, we believe that building your dream home is an exciting venture and is often intermixed with some anxiety as it is probably one of the biggest investments of one’s life. Our house and land packages in Tarneit are designed to cater to those customers who want to become new homeowners on their own terms. We pride ourselves on becoming an industry leading town planning consultancy firm. Most of the stress happens due to the fact that when you plan to build your dream home, there are several things that should be addressed, such as choosing the right area, proximity to transport, school, workplace etc and most of all, finding a reputable builder with a trusted and great body of work who can help in achieving the perfect dream home.

At Asac Property Group, our specialists have developed the perfect process for discerning homeowners seeking builders who can guide them through renovations works to successfully achieve a spectacular as well as energy efficient homes. Our team of talented and skilled designers, architects, builders, and renovators will consistently ensure that your house is beautifully designed and validated at each stage of the renovations process. Our renovations solutions are tailored to meet personal budgets and visions. Our mission is to build beautiful sustainable homes that reduces the carbon footprint of homeowners.


As a pioneer in building energy efficient homes, Asac Property Group finds its mission in helping residents of Tarneit live a more sustainable lifestyle by building exceptional custom homes that are both beneficial to the environment and are also easy on a client’s pocket. We pride ourselves on combing state-of-the-art technology with spectacular designs to create stunning custom homes that are equipped with the latest sustainable processes and technologies. The following are some elements we consider while building sustainable homes:

  • Design

We have developed a smart design process that we adhere to for creating homes that will ensure 60 to 70% better energy efficiency than a traditionally built home.

  • Building Envelope

Our team of experts believes that all components of the site orientation, which includes roof overhangs, windows, covered porches, spray foam insulation, and even cross ventilation, play a significant role in minimising the use of energy.

  • Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) has seen in a new light with the increasing popularity of Green Building. Our homes are specifically built to rely on RWH as their only source of water. At Asac, we believe that a well-maintained RWH system can supply homes with water that is superior in quality.

  • Grid-Tied Solar Panels

Our solar systems are based on the size of the client’s home. When more power is produced during the day than what the home requires, it is banked with the utility to be used as back-up in times of need.

  • Aerobic Septic System

Here the wastewater from the home is sent to the plant, where it is treated and sent to a sprinkler system in the yard.

  • Waste Management

At Asac, we ensure that we reuse or re-purpose materials, whenever possible, which are otherwise destined to reach the landfill.

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