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At Asac Property Group, we pride ourselves on becoming an industry leading town planning consultancy firm. We also never fail at ensuring that our clients are provided with a comprehensive range of innovative as well as strategic services for developing projects of all scales. Hence, hiring a professional custom home builders is integral for building a dream home.

At Asac, we believe that town planning is a kernel for development in the modern world. We understand that a sense of community is integral for achieving the best of opportunities. Hence, we also have a strong footing when it comes to town planning. It is important to know that we provide the best house and land packages. Our planning services can be delivered either independently or integrated with other services catering to specific needs of clients. As a town planner, we work closely alongside engineers, environmental scientists, transport planners, and sustainability experts to manage projects from inception to completion. It is also key to observe that our town planners always advocate on behalf clients throughout Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) and Planning Panel processes.


At Asac, we provide our clients with the best house renovating service in order to achieve an outstanding outcome. We combine architectural design with superior quality structural engineering. Moreover, our building experts work relentlessly at several locations, which makes us a dynamic option for such services across Rockbank. Our renovations process primarily consists of identifying vital insights, planning for risks and opportunities, which highlight the easiest and most effective ways for our clients to gain approvals and succeed in a timely manner.

However, it is also important for clients to understand that we believe in building energy efficient homes as they are key to sustainable development. We have a team of talented and skilled designers, architects, builders, and renovators who will consistently ensure that your house is well-designed as well as energy efficient. It is also important to understand that our project management team will ensure that clients are posted with details during every phase of the renovations process.

As employees of Asac, the commitment we made for renovating homes will create high-performing spaces at every nook and corner of a home. This stems from our staunch belief that every residential home has own unique needs.

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