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House and Land Packages in Wyndham Vale

A house and land package is when you decide to buy both a piece of land and a house design together. You choose the land, pick a house design that fits, and then build your new home. With Asac Property Group, you can find the property that suits your needs. We have an extensive range of affordable house and land packages in Wyndham Vale. Our team can help you find a home that meets your budget, size, location, and design needs.

We have a long-standing relationship with Wyndham Vale’s leading land developers. It gives us exclusive access to the top spots of the region. Paired with our affordable, energy-efficient house designs, you get the modern home of your dreams. We focus on quality, affordability, and customisation which makes us a top choice for those dreaming of their ideal home.

Your Local Custom Home Builder

We are the trusted custom home builders in Wyndham Vale. Our team understand your requirements and designs and plans the home layout according to your vision. We tailor these homes to suit your needs and preferences, ensuring uncompromising quality, great value and innovative design.

Choosing a custom build comes with several advantages. The process is simpler, meaning less hassle for you. It also takes less time, and you have the chance to create a home that suits your style perfectly. The flexibility and convenience that custom build offers make it a great option for anyone who wants a home tailored to their liking.

We will help you create a bespoke design that caters to both your current lifestyle and future aspirations. Our team offers professional insight and honest guidance for building your dream home. These professionals can handle different challenges during construction. Moreover, they ensure you are informed and updated during the entire process.

Our home builders and architects have extensive experience in designing and home building. Our innovative house layouts come at affordable rates, combining the functionality of an off-the-shelf plan with the flexibility of custom designs.

Expert Town Planning and Renovation Specialist in Wyndham Vale

Town planning in Wyndham Vale involves several considerations. With Asac Property Group, you can seamlessly put your plan into action. Our team has extensive experience with the city council and understands the town planning strategies. Our services include:

  • General town planning advice
  • Project development consultation
  • Project management
  • And so on

We provide highly affordable and efficient planning solutions for your area. With us, you get complete assistance in obtaining planning and building permits.  Your development project application will be submitted and approved without any roadblocks. We focus on strategically allocating space for residential, commercial, and recreational purposes. Our professional town planners ensure that infrastructure development aligns with zoning regulations for the overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of urban spaces.

As one of the best renovation specialists in the area, we breathe new life into spaces and revitalise existing structures. This involves assessing the condition of buildings, developing cost estimates, and overseeing renovation projects. From budgeting to project management, our professionals ensure that renovations align with the client’s needs and bring about positive transformations.

Reasonable House and Land Packages

Our Wyndham Vale house and land packages aim to simplify the process of acquiring a new home, ensuring a seamless experience for your family. The team combines home designs with available land to create an ideal residence. Our leading designs boast innovation and practicality, aligning with the latest trends in home architecture. From open space indoors to alfresco dining outdoors, we offer a range of options. Whether you want a large space for the kids or create an energy-efficient home, our team is equipped to bring your vision to life. Our team helps you build affordable packages in top locations across Wyndham Vale. There are a few simple steps we follow to make your dream a reality.

  1. Pick a Location: We collaborate with you to find the most suitable locations for building your dream home. Asac Property Group has land and house packages in over 30 prime locations. Once you have zeroed down the locations, our team negotiates with the land development partners for the property. We ensure you get the best deals for your new home and land.
  2. Choosing the House Design: Move on to selecting house designs from our trendy and quality-packed collection. Our designs are not only accessible but also feature top-notch fixtures and fittings. We can help you pick the one that best suits the needs of your family.
  3. Customising House Design: We ensure your new house is according to your preferences and ideas. You get to decide the appliances, fixtures, design theme, interior, and exterior finishes of your home.
  4. Finalising Deals: We provide a price quote for your dream home. Once you pay the agreed amount, you will only need to wait till the construction is completed. Our contract entails a fixed price with no hidden costs or unexpected adjustments.

When it comes to securing your dream home, Asac Property Group offers practical house and land packages anywhere in Wyndham Vale. Instead of the traditional route of buying land, hiring an architect, and then contracting a builder, or opting for a pre-constructed home, our house and land packages simplify the entire process. We are professional home builders who can make your life easy. Call us on 0421 646 880 or drop an email at for quotes, inquiries, or appointment bookings.