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Wyndham Vale is a beautiful, safe, and family-friendly suburb. Wyndham Vale has several amenities such as schools, train stations, restaurants, buses, and all other basic facilities. We are a custom home builder as well as a full-service partner who will aid you at becoming a property owner with land and a home that is ready to occupy. At Wyndham Vale, a committee is delegated to exercise the authority of Council’s power to determine the planning permit applications as well as access strategic planning matters. Asac Property Group ensures that our clients are offered a multitude of innovative and strategic options for services aimed at developing projects of different scales.

Our experts at Asac understands the importance of the role town planning & renovation in sustainable development. In order to achieve the best opportunities, it is important for towns to grant its residents a sense of community and safety. Therefore, we are pioneers when it comes to town planning. Often, our planning services can be integrated with other services catering to specific need of the clients. However, there are other times where we offer services to clients independently. However, it is also important for clients to understand that we believe in building energy efficient homes as they are key to sustainable development. Our experts work round the clock to manage all activities in a project from inception to completion. Our town planners advocate on behalf of clients in Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) and Planning Panel processes.


Wyndham Vale is popular among new and growing families. At Asac Property Group, we understand that purchasing a house and land packages is a big decision which one shouldn’t take lightly. Following are some vital factors you should consider before buying:

  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Select your preferred location.
  • Check whether you qualify for first-time homebuyer benefits.
  • Prioritize your personal requirements such as the number of bedrooms, outdoor space, and other specifications.

Purchasing a house and land packages can provide you with several benefits:

  • Saves money: You will only need to pay stamp duty on the land.
  • Upfront pricing: Having an upfront price can benefit those situations where you are on a budget or have pre-approved finance.
  • Simplified process: With a house and land packages, you can visit a display home and get a real feel for how your home will look and function. You can also make necessary modifications on the base design to personalize the space.

At Asac Property Group, we have made factory tours readily available on request, which will give you a taste of the experience in working with us. In addition, we ensure that there is a plethora of packages available at the client’s disposal at any given day.

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